The First Other Lena I Ever Met

A trademark of the work I do at starbucks is my disturbing ability to not only remember people’s orders (or incorrectly remember the exact same order for a person every. single. time.) but to also remember their names. And often with my customers, I strike up conversations regarding their names, our lives, or something random from that day. A pretty good customer service skill, also part of the reason I made my blog. Continue reading The First Other Lena I Ever Met

Raccoon: 1 – Lena: 0

Backstory: Last Christmas, my mom gave me ‘Brandy Chocolates’ as a stocking-stuffer present, thinking I would love alcoholic chocolate. She was wrong. Brandy has never been a favorite of mine, so after eating one chocolate I decided I was going to give them away to my friend at school who loves Brandy. Fast forward nine months – I still haven’t given them to my friend because I keep forgetting. So when I finally moved out of my last official apartment in Vancouver, I threw the Brandy Chocolates into one of my bags in anticipation of eventually actually remembering to give them to my friend.

Continue reading Raccoon: 1 – Lena: 0

My Homeless Adventure

As some of the people who talked to me a few months ago know, in anticipation for my European adventure, my apartment lease was up at the end of August. Initially, this meant I was going to be homeless (or more accurately, couch surfing at friend’s places), but thanks to the kindness of some really amazing friends, I have only had to spend 5 days homeless. How did this happen?Pure, unadulterated random chance with a lifetime worth of luck.  Continue reading My Homeless Adventure