Day 8

It happened again. Super interesting afternoon lecture. Definitely wanted to attend. Only problem? It was 3 hours long…
Court clerks for the Permanent Court of Arbitration came to speak to us today. And, taking the example of the ICJ lecture yesterday, they were very interactive and entertaining. But y’all, three hours😩. I lasted one hour before I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Instead of being super disrespectful and falling asleep, I chose to leave my iPad with my flatmates so they could continue recording the lecture for me (I plan on re-listening to all the lectures later, and hopefully writing better notes than my sleep-deprived self has) – and I went back to nap. But this time I did not stay up super late afterwards. (Midnight isn’t late right?)
Also, y’all, I have finally found a dish that I can cook that is actually good!! Beef and brocooli – boil both in a pot with a bottle of oyster sauce with a bit of soy sauce added in. And eat on a bed of rice. Super easy, probably doing it completely wrong, but it is edible! And thats all that matters in a place where a weeks worth of groceries cost $20 but a single meal out costs $25…

P.S. Dad – a little bit less sleepy, and actually eating decent food! So not starving to death anymore 😁

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