Second Weather Delay in 4 Days

For the second time in the first 4 days of a 42 day trip, I have been delayed by weather. Because of the Beast from the East, everyone in Edinburgh is stranded for the day (three days now, actually. A new friend from my hostel [shout out to Jane if you are reading this!] has been stranded here since Wednesday.) No trains, planes, buses, or even cars out, which means I will be in Edinburgh another night – perhaps it’s the universe giving me back some of the time that was taken away by my delay to Newark!

Even though it is horribly wet outside and I only have a pair of mesh tennis shoes, I didn’t want to spend the whole day indoors. So I decided to do my favorite travel past-time: Wandering, getting absolutely lost, and using that to get to know the city.

Now, if you know me very well, you know I am irrationally petrified of a zombie apocalypse (thanks to watching the original Night of the Living Dead. Not recommended for the faint of heart like me.) Because of this fear, I actively avoid going near cemeteries. It is a rare occurrence for me to willingly go traipsing around one – I always have flashbacks to that scene in Hocus Pocus where the zombie bursts out of his coffin.


Like I said – irrationally petrified. But today, I was so desperate for something interesting to do that I willingly went and explored a cemetary. Alone. Completely vulnerable to the zombies should they rise up in this devil of a snow storm. Picture evidence:

Hopefully the last photo is a good testament to how much snow Edinburgh has gotten. It is easily 8 inches, possibly more. There are times when you put your foot down into the powder and it goes all the way to your shin. It is not too surprising that essentially the entire UK is reeling, barely able to function. I just find it absolutely hilarious that the storm of the century would happen in the 3 days that I was set to visit Edinburgh. But hey, who can really complain about being trapped in a country filled with the best whiskey, gin, and bourbon in the world? And some pretty awesome dancing too.

P.S. Dad – thankfully the zombies did not rise up while I was visiting the cemetery, so I’m still alive!

Bonus pictures: