Impromptu Edinburgh Escape

After two days of having every train be cancelled and the entire city be essentially shut down, everyone at the hostel was hopeful that maybe, just maybe the trains would be running on Saturday (today). But late last night, as myself and some new friends (shout out to Tony and Warren!) were getting back from drinks at the pub down the street, we saw on the Virgin Train twitter feed that all trains for Saturday were cancelled due to giant, multi-foot snow drifts in Renton…

There was nothing much we could do. For me, this meant another day that Lauren (my best friend I’m suppose to be traveling with) is stuck on her own in London another night, and my other best friend Tringa has another night of studying before we begin our flatmate mini-reunion. For others, on the other hand, this meant that they would miss out on all their time in London (ex: Jane), or they would miss their flights out of London on Sunday (ex: Joey and Aadit). After so many days of being snowed in, we had all become equally resigned to our fate, ready to take full advantage of our extra time for whiskey tours and amazing hostel-organized events. It sucked, but what else were we going to do? No point in being mad; all that was left was to make the time worth it.


Then – as I was preparing to leave to go on a whiskey tour – Virgin updated their website: another company, CrossCountry, would be running trains to Newcastle (where you could easily take a connection to London) and Virgin tickets would be accepted on these trains. I immediately told Joey and Aadit, since they desperately needed to be in London for a flight, and they ran out the hostel with their bags to the train station. Jane and I were iffy though – we had already decided to stay the night, had paid for the hostel, were excited for whiskey tours and beer pong tournaments, and there was no big reason to go to London at this point. But then again, what if the storm starts again and these are the only trains out? Plus, if we didn’t go now, we wouldn’t be able to actually experience London… Both of us gave in: better to leave now and be safe, than to wait and be stuck in Edinburgh longer.


It was a good decision. The storm did let up, and trains have been running ever since, but the train ride with all four of us was really fun and interesting. And finally being reunited with Lauren (after a year) and Tringa (after eight months) was well worth the mad dash to make the train. One thing, though – NEVER attempt to pull a rolly suitcase through slushy snow on a giant hill. Get a taxi. It’s easier. And your arms will thank you.


P.S. Dad – I’m alive and in London. And making Lauren stop being a lazy bum on a log, and actually leave the hotel.