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My First Tattoo pt. 2

My first year of University was one of the only years at UBC where there was an 18+ party nearly every weekend (the drinking age in Vancouver is 19, so most of the parties nowadays are 19+ alcoholic events). However, on March 17th (Saint Patrick’s Day), everyone in Canada gets super drunk and most of the first years had already turned 19, so it was one of the only weeks that there were absolutely no 18+ parties. Unfortunately for me and my best friend, our birthdays are in June so we were shit outta luck for partying that day. What did we decide to do instead? Get tattoos.

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My First Tattoo pt. 1

Since I was about 14 years old, I have fantasized with the idea of getting a tattoo. It all started when I went on a trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas with my parents. The resort had fake-tattoo kiosks all over, and seeing as we were on vacation and I nagged my father endlessly to let me get one, he and I got one together during the last few days of our trip. Unfortunately for dad, giving into my constant begging ended with me realizing – ‘Dude, this looks so good, I wanna get a real one.’

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My Homeless Adventure

As some of the people who talked to me a few months ago know, in anticipation for my European adventure, my apartment lease was up at the end of August. Initially, this meant I was going to be homeless (or more accurately, couch surfing at friend’s places), but thanks to the kindness of some really amazing friends, I have only had to spend 5 days homeless. How did this happen?Pure, unadulterated random chance with a lifetime worth of luck.  Continue reading My Homeless Adventure