The Golden Circle and an Attempt to See the Northern Lights

Today was one of those days where I had to act like a tourist. At 8:30am sharp, I boarded a bus with the travel company ‘Reykjavik Sightseeing’ and set off to see one of the wonders of Iceland – the Golden Circle. I would go into a ton of detail about all the cool sights, but I have a flight at 7am in the morning and I skyped my father earlier today, so today’s post is just going to be a series of selfies:

A Selfie between Two Continents: Standing between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.
A Selfie with the Drowning Pool: Drekkingarhylur.
A Selfie with the Original Geyser: Geysir.
A Selfie with a Glacial River Waterfall: Gullfoss Waterfall.
Up close and Personal with Gullfoss.
A Selfie with A Explosive Crater: Kerið.

The Northern Lights tour got cancelled tonight due to bad cloud coverage, so no cool photos of that for this trip… Oh well, it just means I’ll have to come back!
P.S. Dad – I’m still alive. With photo evidence this time.

Iceland Weather

Iceland weather is surprisingly similar to Vancouver’s weather. A few days before I arrived, a huge storm rolled through, which has meant rain, wind and cold ever since.

How the other travelers are responding: “OMG its so cold, we should rent a car and travel around in the warm.”

Me: “Crap, Vancouver weather followed me here 😑”

Suffice it to say I still feel like I’m in Vancouver, minus the whole not-being-able-to-understand-the-local-language (though there are so many foreign languages in Vancouver, sometimes I felt that way there too.)

Above: Iceland’s Olympic training center, located a few blocks away from my hostel. Found while wondering in the rain before I could check into my hostel.
P.S. Dad – I’m cold, but still alive.

The Beginning

It has begun. As of 3:55pm on today – October 19th – my 2 month adventure has begun.

Today started like normal. I was lazy and didn’t want to function, so I skyped a really good friend for the last time in the foreseeable future, then finally mustered up the energy to go run some last minute errands and chores. Which was going great. Until it wasn’t.
Now, if you know me, you know I hate doing laundry. Like fully despise it. But since I’ll be gone for 2 months, I knew I couldn’t leave the clothes I’m not bringing dirty for that long, so I gave in and started a load of laundry. The only problem? I forgot soap. 30min later I finally realized what I had done and had to completely redo the load…. This was the beginning of my end.

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My Father Thinks I’m Going to Die

When I first started thinking about backpacking Europe for an extended period of time, an important question came to my mind – Would I actually like being by myself for very long? My hypothesis was yes – I had always enjoyed being alone with my thoughts, I’m sure that wouldn’t be different while I was traveling. But could I manage it for 2 straight months?

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The Second Tattoo: In Memorial

Throughout everyone’s lives, we have all made at least one resolution that we swore we would keep only to cave in eventually. That first night you experience tequila: “I’ll never drink again” – then two weeks later you get twice as plastered as before. Or the common “This holiday season I’ll be careful what I eat!” Two months later, you’ve still gained the holiday 15lbs. I had a similar situation with my first tattoo. I had wanted a tattoo for years, but once I got my first one – “This will be my last, I don’t see myself as the type of person with more than one tattoo.” Five years later, I got a second one.

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My First Tattoo pt. 2

My first year of University was one of the only years at UBC where there was an 18+ party nearly every weekend (the drinking age in Vancouver is 19, so most of the parties nowadays are 19+ alcoholic events). However, on March 17th (Saint Patrick’s Day), everyone in Canada gets super drunk and most of the first years had already turned 19, so it was one of the only weeks that there were absolutely no 18+ parties. Unfortunately for me and my best friend, our birthdays are in June so we were shit outta luck for partying that day. What did we decide to do instead? Get tattoos.

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My First Tattoo pt. 1

Since I was about 14 years old, I have fantasized with the idea of getting a tattoo. It all started when I went on a trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas with my parents. The resort had fake-tattoo kiosks all over, and seeing as we were on vacation and I nagged my father endlessly to let me get one, he and I got one together during the last few days of our trip. Unfortunately for dad, giving into my constant begging ended with me realizing – ‘Dude, this looks so good, I wanna get a real one.’

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