Wandering Amsterdam

Today was a pretty interesting beginning to my Netherlands adventure. The last time I was in Amsterdam, I had a very strict schedule. With only 48 hours to see the city, I got an IAMsterdam card (totally recommended by the way!) and saw as many amazing things as possible – like the Anne Frank Haus and the Microbe Museum. This trip, however, I wanted to have more time to randomly explore. So at 10am, I went to a breakfast cafe recommended by the amazing Brenda (thanks girl! It was SUPER delicious!), then wondered my way back to my hostel.
My number one recommendation for anyone coming to Amsterdam – have a schedule, see as many of the incredible museums and parks as possible, but make sure to budget an afternoon to wander aimlessly in the streeets and just observe the city! Trust me – you will NOT regret it! 😁

(Also, side note, take a cruise or two around the canal. They are super informative and fun, and different boat companies give different cool facts! Its a great way to learn more about the history and archetecture of the city!)

P.S. Dad – still alive, and still haven’t been too high to find my hostel! Sister – 1; Brother – 0

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