Here is a little about myself: I’m a 23-year-old recent graduate of the University of British Columbia in Biology and International Relations. Why such a strange mixture? I want to work on International Policy on Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction (cool right?) but first I have to figure out how…

Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, I have lived in Canada the past 6 years and am still attempting to figure out where I’ll end up for the rest of my life.  For now I’m going to stick to traveling the world to learn more and spread the knowledge I have learned throughout my life. And, obviously, I’m a ginger. As I always say: “Life is neither good nor bad, as long as there is a story to tell.”

Why Am I Blogging?

For years, I have been known to talk for hours with friends, family, and often even complete strangers about the stories I’ve made throughout my life – most of which were made while traveling. And now that I have finally graduated university, I have (in theory) enough time to start writing down some stories like my friends previously suggested I should. This blog is my attempt at following through with friend’s advice by writing hopefully a story a week.

Ginger Without Borders Photography

Over the 14 years I have been travelling, I have amassed over 60,000 photos from around the world. Some of these photos are featured on my SmugMug page: https://gingerwithoutborders.smugmug.com/ All photos on the site are purchasable through SmugMug!

Disclaimer: Many of the photos used in this blog are taken (and therefore copyrighted) by me throughout my travels. 

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The life, thoughts, and travels of an adventurous ginger.