Conquering Your Fears – pt.1

My entire life I have been deathly afraid of heights. Every time I was high off the ground and would look down, my heart would race and my body would cling to the nearest stationary object. Unfortunately, when you are a kid and all your friends are MUCH more fearless than you (this may or may not be directed at my childhood friends Corinne, Ashleigh, Kesha, and Cara), such an immense fear can often get in the way of having fun. When Corinne got a zipline in her backyard growing up, the only reason I even dared to try it was the (supportive) peer pressure from our friend group to join in on the fun.

This fear also often got in the way while I was traveling and doing crazy, adventurous, fun activities with the group of people I was with. For instance, while traveling through Japan, we went up to the top of Tokyo Tower where there is a giant glass viewing area looking down along the rungs of the tower. The second I saw it, my heart started racing, my palms got sweaty, and all I could think was “What if it breaks? What if I fall? We are so high up!!” I was so afraid, I refused to even step on the glass – the closest I would get was on the edge to take photos of my friend’s being more fearless than me.



Many years later, as a high school graduation trip, I spent two months traveling around Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. Knowing I would be in incredible places with incredible opportunities that I may not ever get again, I challenged myself to conquer one of my fears: my fear of heights.