My Homeless Adventure

As some of the people who talked to me a few months ago know, in anticipation for my European adventure, my apartment lease was up at the end of August. Initially, this meant I was going to be homeless (or more accurately, couch surfing at friend’s places), but thanks to the kindness of some really amazing friends, I have only had to spend 5 days homeless. How did this happen?Pure, unadulterated random chance with a lifetime worth of luck. 

About a month ago, despite being desperately tired from work/life, I decided to attend a yacht party for one of my friend’s birthdays (mainly because who turns down a yacht party.) And by random chance, a very close friend of mine happened to also be attending this party. Now, when I work a lot, I basically become a hermit who only ventures away from my netflix-themed cave to go to work and sometimes buy food. Needless to say, I hadn’t talked to this friend in a long time. But, upon re-entering the world of human socialization, I found out my dear friend was about to backpack Southeast Asia with our other good friend September to October. Exactly the same time that I needed an apartment. And, should I sublet from them, they wouldn’t charge me full rent. Random chance – 1. Luck – 5000000.

So my two months of homelessness turned into five days of homelessness (the amazing friends don’t leave until Sept 6th, and my contract ended August 31st). Thankfully, two friends who I actually did keep in contact despite my near-constant hermit-status are two of the most generous people I know and have allowed me to not only crash at their place’s, but also invade all of their personal space with the somehow still extremely insane amount of stuff I have in Vancouver (for real – how does someone have this much stuff even after purging basically everything they own???) So I’m going to end this blog post with a shoutout to these two friends (they know who they are) for being incredibly wonderful/preventing me from having to sleep in the back of my starbucks store.

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