An Ode to the Colombian Peace Treaty

A few years ago, during one of the many Model United Nations conferences I have attended, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a wonderful person named Carlos Arango – a Colombian native who has since then inspired my upcoming move to his native country.


Because of our friendship, over the years I striven to learn as much as I could about his country, once even writing an entire paper about its longstanding conflict between the guerilla groups (primarily the FARC) and the Colombian government. And one of the things I was most looking forward to with my upcoming move was being able to live in the country during the days after the signing of the peace treaty ending the bloody 50 year war. Unfortunately, though, today’s referrendum towards the peace treaty has ended with the Colombian people voting against it by an incredibly slim margin – an extremely unfortunate turn of events.

In honor of today’s failed vote, I would like to use this week’s blog post to highlight a paper I wrote two years ago on the conflict and the impending peace treaty in the hopes that it may inspire at least some of my friends or family to become more familiar with the topic. Here is the paper: an-ode-to-the-colombian-peace-treaty.

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