My First Tattoo pt. 2

My first year of University was one of the only years at UBC where there was an 18+ party nearly every weekend (the drinking age in Vancouver is 19, so most of the parties nowadays are 19+ alcoholic events). However, on March 17th (Saint Patrick’s Day), everyone in Canada gets super drunk and most of the first years had already turned 19, so it was one of the only weeks that there were absolutely no 18+ parties. Unfortunately for me and my best friend, our birthdays are in June so we were shit outta luck for partying that day. What did we decide to do instead? Get tattoos.

Ever since Anaik and I had met during orientation, we had talked about getting tattoos together. I had wanted something related to a dolphin, and she wanted something related to autism since she has a personal connection to the mental condition. So, a week before St. Patrick’s Day, we went to our consultation appointments at the nearby tattoo parlor – me in the first room, her in the second. As I sat down with my artist and explained the tattoo I wanted, she asked me a striking question: “Okay, thats all great, but what do you want to get out of the tattoo when you look at it?”

Being a stupid 18 year old, I hadn’t actually thought of this question before. “Well….I want to see a realistic dolphin.”

She responded, “Great, the only problem I see is your design is very abstract. Why don’t I draft something up for you and we’ll see how you like it?”

“Sure, that sounds great.” And off I went with Anaik to continue on with our lives until the next appointment.

The day had come. Anaik and I returned for our tattoo appointments, though I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into since my artist was making a custom design for me. Truth be told, I actually went into that appointment thinking she would just show me the design and then let me think about it for a while. I really was a stupid 18 year old.

I sat down on the table. The artist pulled out her design – it was a beautiful, realistic portriat of a dolphin surfing through the waves. At first glance, I really liked it, but I wasn’t totally sure if I loved it yet.

“So do you like it?” she asked.

“Yeah, it looks pretty awesome.” I answered, still contemplating whether I wanted her drawing on my body for the rest of my life.

“Great.” She responded. And before I could say another word she was putting the drawing onto my ankle and beginning to tattoo.

THANKFULLY, this tattoo happens to be my absolute favorite one. But my favorite part about the entire story is before I could determine this was my opinion, my artist had it drawn on my ankle and ready to go.

The majestic dolphin, a few hours after this story unfolded.

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