And The Adventure Begins

As of 4pm today, I have officially quit my job. As of 5pm, I cancelled my cellphone service (starting Thursday, don’t worry! You can still call me until then!) And as of 7pm, I cancelled my Canadian credit card. Now all that is left to do is to double check my bags and repack them for the 7th time (the 2nd time this week alone).

As for the final day of my post-grad working life, it was a pretty interesting. It turns out Vancouver can get some pretty insane storms. Now, I have lived through one of these storms before (the wind storm which destroyed a skytrain a year or two ago) and I was also in Vancouver during 2012 for the wettest year on record (also known as the year I learned what real rain is. And how much I hate it). But the storm today really suprised me. Not only did the wind knock down an insane  number of trees, but it even caused the lights at my job to flicker continuously – which, by the way, doesn’t work well at a coffee shop where the espresso machines turn off every time the lights flicker. And the rain. I haven’t seen that heavy of rain since 2012 (though thankfully this time I was driving in a car to work, instead of walking to class in a pair of non-waterproofed uggs like in 2012. BTW, Uggs now makes waterproofed shoes. Four years too late.)

What I also learned today: Do not drive in Vancouver during bad rainstorms. Because you will be late to where-ever you are going. Or worse, you will get into an accident. Because Vancouver drivers do not understand how to drive in the rain. My favorite was the driver (presumably a student?) who sped down a one lane road through the bike lane because the traffic wasn’t going fast enough for him. Or the mom who parked her car in the middle of a street, blocking all the traffic on the road, so she could take her child into daycare without getting too wet. (Dear lord, I cannot wait to never drive in this city again!!)

Thankfully, though, despite the torrental downpour, the winds which pushed people around like playtoys, and the extreme traffic delays caused by erratic driving, many of my favorite regulars stopped by the store before the end of my last shift. And one of them even bought me a fairwell drink. (Thank you, Farnaz!) And while I’m super excited to head to Europe, it was really sad to say goodbye to so many nice people. For any of the regulars reading this – ya’ll are amazing! You have made the past 10months of working at Starbucks a truly enjoyable experience.

Overall, today was a pretty great end of my post-grad working life. Now to start my post-grad travel life!

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