The Beginning

It has begun. As of 3:55pm on today – October 19th – my 2 month adventure has begun.

Today started like normal. I was lazy and didn’t want to function, so I skyped a really good friend for the last time in the foreseeable future, then finally mustered up the energy to go run some last minute errands and chores. Which was going great. Until it wasn’t.
Now, if you know me, you know I hate doing laundry. Like fully despise it. But since I’ll be gone for 2 months, I knew I couldn’t leave the clothes I’m not bringing dirty for that long, so I gave in and started a load of laundry. The only problem? I forgot soap. 30min later I finally realized what I had done and had to completely redo the load…. This was the beginning of my end.

Since I had to redo my laundry, I couldn’t go to a final good-bye lunch with a close friend 😞. Instead I sat waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Because the laundry machine at my apartment is old and prone to flooding our apartment (or worse, our downstairs neighbor’s apartment) should someone not be there to monitor it. About 2 hours before my flight, the drier FINALLY finished. I rushed to throw all the clothes into my last bag that I hadn’t hidden in my friend’s apartment yet, then I threw the bag in a random corner and ran out the door.

1:55pm (2hrs till departure) – rush out of the apartment to find an Evo (a rental car that you can pick up and drop off wherever you need) and drive to the airport.

2:05pm – finally find a car, throw my backpack in, start speeding down West Broadway towards the airport.

2:10pm – bumper to bumper traffic on West Broadway, switch to W 16th only to be stuck again in traffic on Granville a short while later.

2:30pm – FINALLY get to the airport parking lot, put my giant backpack on my back only to realize I totally forgot my wallet in the front seat…which I could not reach with my backpack on…

2:40pm – Finally get my backpack back on, run to the airport shuttle stop and get on the shuttle towards the international terminal.

2:45pm – Reach the terminal, run upstairs with my giant backpack, reach the counter 5 minutes before they closed. Throw my checked bag on the scale: 22.1kg, sweet! Underweight! Throw my carry-on on the scale (Iceland Air requires carry-ons to be less than 10kg, which I had no idea.) 13.1kg. For the first time in my life, my carry-0n was overweight but my checked bag wasn’t. So in the 5min I had left, I rushed to rearrange everything (thank god for collapsible duffels) and created an extra carry-on to fix the problem.

2:50pm – finally done! But only 15min to get through security and run to the gate. Which I’m proud to announce I did, by some freakin’ miracle, and by 4pm I was in the air ready for my adventure to begin!!

P.S. I’m still alive, Dad.

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