A First Introduction to Amsterdam

First of all – my backpack is bigger than I am. How is it so full? I’m seriously questioning that right now too since I tried to pack as light as I could… But the first mental image I give you for today is of me, 5foot6inches fall, hobbling down the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam, struggling to carry a 3foot long bag in my feeble attempt to figure out where the hell my hostel was.

Second of all – once I finally found my hostel, it turns out it is literally right in the middle of the Red Light District. Whats worse – it is a Christian-run hostel that absolutely forbids drinking, drugs, or really enjoying any of the things around us. (I’m using this as my motivation not to go into a coffeehouse and forget to leave in two days.)

I think my favorite part, though, is the neon red storefront next door with half naked women enticing passersby into their chambers (I may or may not have been watching too much British television before I left Vancouver). Or the storefront down the road with photos of naked women littering the windows. Funny story – despite being warned about the Red Light District, I was a bit shocked when I figured out I was staying right in the middle of it – at a religious hostel no less – and stopped on a random corner to text my parents about the situation (At least if I get kidnapped, Dad will know exactly what district I was staying in!) As I’m standing there, people keep staring at what I thought was me. Then I turn around. Turns out, right behind me there was a giant poster of a completely naked woman and a display of sex toys right next to her. I mean, I’m open minded, but even I was like ‘………..’

Well, at the very least, this entire experience is one hell of a story! And I’ve gotten some pretty amazing photos out of it!

P.S. Dad – I’m potentially scarred for life, but I’m still alive.

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