I Finally Understand My Belgian Best Friend

The very first week of Orientation for UBC, I met a girl who would become one of my best friends (I would tell the story of how we met, but I’m pretty sure she would kill me for that 😜😂). Her name is Anaïk, and she was one of the only people at UBC that year that, a) had lived in the Southern United States, and b) drank as much as me. She wasnt born in the US, though. She was born in South Africa to Belgian parents, and eventually moved back to Belgium, and later to the USA. And ever since we met, I’ve been saying over and over, ‘I want to see your country!’ Well, five years later, I finally am!
My very first thought was ‘holy crap this place is beautiful!’ Where the Netherlands has farms all throughout the countryside, Belgium has quant little towns. And I really love it here – just I have discovered one thing. Anaïk has always been a very cleanly, dont-break-the-rules type of person. I finally understand why.
It was always the running joke that Anaïk refused to cross the road before the sign turned green – one time ending with our friend picking her up and carrying her across the completely empty road. I have been in Belgium a full 12hrs and have yet to notice anyone jaywalking. Now, maybe this is just the city I am in, but I think it is actually just cultural.
Even at dinner, a cute family was sitting next to me, the father cut up the daughter’s hamburger so she could eat it with a fork (according to Anaïk, this is just something they do for the little kids. But I can personally attest to seeing Anaïk do this with a pizza!) So my official conclusion – every quirk I ever joked with Anaïk about can officially be attributed to her Belgian culture. ❤️ (and therefore I’ll try to respect it more, Anaïk!!😘)
Also – Belgian beer tasting tonight. Holycrap I love the beers here. Stella can’t hold a candle to real Belgian beer! I now also understand why Anaïk drinks as much as me. 🍻🍺🍻

P.S. Dad – I’m a little tipsy, but still alive.

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