Steak Tar Tar – Been There, Done That, Don’t Need To Try Raw Meat Again

One of the biggest things anyone who knows me well can tell you is: I am a super picky eater. I rarely admit this fact, but when you actually look at what I’ll eat its a fairly narrow range. No meats other than pig, chicken, or beef. 
Pig because an evil piglet tried to eat my toes. Chicken because a hen decided to step on my head at 3am in the morning. Both of these I eat because my inner idea that the animal is too cute to eat has been destroyed by an unfortunate member of their species. And cow… oh cow… so cute, but too damn delicious not to eat (yum, steak!) 
But if you think of any other meats – I dont eat them. Rabbit? Thumper. Deer? Bambi. Crab/lobster? Sebastian. Fish? Flounder. Basically Disney movies ruined me. And veggies – I’m even worse with veggies. Basically anything that isn’t lettuce, tomato, carrots or cucumbers (which I only started eatting recently) are pretty much off the menu. At least with fruit I am kind of good, but even then I don’t eat mangos or many East Asian fruits. Trust me – all of this is normally a HUGE suprise to my friends once they realize how picky I really am. 
For being a self-described ‘open minded eater,’ I really don’t eat much. 
However I have one rule – I will try anything once (hence me having eaten bat, kangaroo, and gator before. And deer when I was a kid, but thats because my parents didn’t tell me what it was). Well, actually two rules – if I am at someone’s house and they feed me things I wouldn’t normally eat, I eat them anyway to be polite. AKA how I ate steak for the first time and realized it was freaking amazing.

All this leads me to today’s story. Many of my friends who have lived in the Netherlands told me I absolutely had to try this one special dish – what I didn’t realize was, it was a sandwich of raw pork. But I tried it. And can say I’ve done it once. And will never attempt to again.

Thinking it was the last time I would eat raw meat, I was like ‘okay, great, we good now.’ Haha, no, I wish. My Belgian friend, Anaïk, informed me I absolutely had to try a special dish made with steak tartar while I was here. To be honest, until she told me what it was, I didnt even realize ‘tartar’ meant raw. But like I said – I will try anything once. 
The taste wasnt actually that bad – it was the consistency that caused me to gag more than a few times. Anaïk of course found this funny. But now I can officially say I have eaten  both raw beef and raw pork – so no more raw meat for me! (Sorry chicken, I’m not giving you a raw meat trial. The only raw food I’ll eat now is if a friend drags me to sushi – no big surprise, I dont like raw fish either 😂😅)

BTW Dad – I’m still alive.

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