Two Weeks In

Some of you may be thinking – ‘Lena hasn’t posted anything in two days! Was her dad right? Has she died?’ No. No, I have not. I am just tired is all! Every day I go out, explore as much as I can in one day (which is a surprising amount; it feels like a lot longer than just two weeks…) Then I go back to the hostel and ‘relax’. What I used to do – write a blog post either then or at dinner. What I do now – eat dinner with friends, or eat dinner while writing in my travel journal, or eat dinner while writing a post card, or eat dinner while responding to my friend’s facebook messages and snapchats, or eat while answering dad’s many whatsapp messages (his one last night: are you going to write a blog post today?). Or even some days I’ll skip dinner and lay in my bed like a slug. Because slugging is fun. And I am tired.

Dont get me wrong – this trip has been awesome! But damn, walking 8hrs a day takes a toll on your energy level…. So no, I am not dead. I’m simply busy/tired/have too many ways I am documenting this trip. (BTW, soon I’ll upload more photos to the cloud! I just keep forgetting….)

As for an update on my trip: I made friends! Two awesome girls from the UK (ish). Daisy and Jess both live in the UK, but Jess is originally American. And we ended up going for drinks on Halloween together (I’m sure you saw my lazy photo post from that night), then Daisy left for Germany, while Jess and I happened to both be going to Luxembourg next and staying at the same hostel. Coincidence of the century. So we explored Luxembourg City together, and let me just say – DAHAM. This city is BEAUTIFUL! Both of us agree, if this is what the capital city looks like, we have to come back and find out what the rest of the country looks like! But yeah, I’m having a ton of fun. Only bad side – I messed up my knee is Brussels, so today is a slow day for me. Easy morning, light walking, drinking coffee in a cafe for the afternoon type of thing (thankfully Jess and I saw a ton of the city yesterday anyway, and already I’ve decided I’m coming back, so no loss if I just have a slow day.)

Here is an awesome picture of the sunset last night:

It looks. Like Harry Potter. I’m in love.


And yes, Dad, I’m still alive (though really, I talked to you on the phone two days ago and talked to mom yesterday, I don’t have to contact you on every source of media every day.)

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