The Final Third Has Begun

When I originally planned my trip, I unintentially designed it into three sections. The first third was me, on my own, traveling around Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany; the second third was my parents and I in Eastern Europe; and the final third was originally me, on my own again, going through Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Norway, Copenhagen, and Ireland. 
As of today, my first two thirds are complete. I have been to 12 countries so far (my math may be wrong, it may be 13 already) and I have 6 more to go! A twist to this third portion – one of my oldest friends, a girl who I have known since kindergarden, saw my blog and decided she needed a European adventure too. And after her grandmother insisted she not travel alone (lets face it, Dad is not the only paranoid parent), she quickly threw together all the plans (total props for planning out what I did in half the time), she is here with me for most of my final third of my European adventure. 

As it turns out, she is not the only person from my past who I am meeting up with in the next three weeks. Another of our friends from high school is also traveling Europe, so we are meeting up with her in London. On top of that, many of my new friends I have met on my adventures – including the very awesome Jess and Daisy from Brussels! – are all in England, which means we will get to see each other again!
So my three portions have become: 1) me on my own; 2) me with my family; and 3) me with my friends. Personally, that is probably the best way to travel! You get the best of all worlds! 😁
P.S. Now that Dad is gone, he is insisting I write every day and blah blah blah. Back to the paranoid overprotective nagging. Which also means back to the ‘PS Dad, I am still alive.’ I like Mom’s approach better – no news is good news to me!

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