European Rainstorms

In North Carolina, thunder storms are the most common form of weather during the summer. In Europe? Not so much.
While waiting for my rebooked flight in Paris, I discovered this fact as a fairly-basic-southern-style-thunderstorm rolled in – and promptly delayed all the flights. I didn’t mind, I had found one of my favorite coffee shops from my 2 months in Europe, and had met a very nice girl from NC who was traveling with her 6 month old King Charles Cavalier (obviously I was drooling over the adorable and amazingly well behaved puppy). What is another storm when we had just had one like it on the 4th of July before I left America?
Fast forward about 12 hours. After checking into my hotel, washing the plane germs off my body, and being too tired to get dressed before I passed out for 4 hours, I finally opened my suitcase. Only to discover all of my clothes were soaked completely through.
From what I can deduce, the storm hit too fast for the airport employees to put the luggage in an area that would keep it dry (or the employees were too inexperienced with storms to realize that was something they should do?) THANKFULLY!!! All of my electronics were in my carry-on bags, and there was nothing that couldn’t get wet in the soaked area of my bag… But lesson learned – even hardcover suitcases can have water leak in and drench everything! 😖
P.S. Dad – My clothes are soaked, but I’m still alive.

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