A Nerd in my Natural Environment

Because we are so close to many interesting cities, and because many people here have never been to Europe or may never come back to Europe, the majority of the students of the academy have decided that to spend their weekends raveling around Europe. Me, on the other hand, I spend my weekends sitting in the Peace Palace Library reading as much as possible while it is open on Saturday, then take books home to read on Sunday. 😅😂🤓

It is basically the perfect life for a nerd. My flatmates spent the weekend in Paris celebrating Bastille Day, or exploring Amsterdam and spending a night on a houseboat (because obviously that is what you have to do in Amsterdam). And I spent my morning getting lost on my way to the Peace Palace (which is super sad because I should know the way after 5 days of coming here every morning), then eventually finding my way to the library to read books on United Naitons Peacekeeping Operations, and accountability of the UN missions.
Sooooo – I may be too much of a nerd for my own good. But ya’ll, this library is amazing!! It is the largest international law library in the world, which has led to me setting a policy that I take out one new book every two days, and try my hardest to read as much as possible of each of them before trading each book in for a new one. My current book of the day: “Absense in Sicence, Security and Policy: From Research Agendas to Global Strategy.” Best part? Surprisingly, one of the sections in the book is actually written by a North Carolina State University professor! AKA I’m totally going to try to contact her to talk about Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction when I’m back state-side 😁😁😁😁

P.S. Dad – I’m still alive. And may never come home. The library is my new home now. So. Many. Books. 😍

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