My Next ‘Grand Adventure’ 2018 Edition

Well, Sebastian let the cat out of the bag! Starting February 26th, I will be back in Europe for a 6 week grand adventure – including my first trip to the Middle East! (I need a new title for this one… ideas anyone?)

The itinerary is:

  • 26 February to 2 March: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2 March to 7 March: London, England
  • 7 March to 12 March: Barcelona, Spain
  • 12 March to 15 March: Paris, France
  • 15 March to 20 March: Munich, Germany
  • 20 March to 25 March: Bonn, Germany (for the UN Sustainable Development Festival!)
  • 25 March to 30 March: Berlin, Germany

And finally!

  • 30 March to 6 April: Beirut, Lebanon!

Now, unlike my last few adventures, this time I have two amazing friends coming with me for (most) of the time – my best friend from high school, Lauren; and the amazing, intelligent Karol! Plus some other awesome meet-ups with amazing people along the way (shout out to the Balcony Police reunion in Barcelona!)

And as always – any and all friends in/near the cities I will be visiting, please let me know! What is traveling for if not to visit with lifelong friends along the way! ❤️🌎🌍🌏

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