Munich Isn’t THAT Bad

Last time I was in Munich, for some reason, I really hated the city. Maybe it was because it was snowing and a taxi refused to take me to my hotel because ‘it was too close’ (it was a 30minute walk away); maybe it was the distance from my hostel to the city center; maybe it was the cold I was getting or the pain in my knee after a month of backpacking with the 50lbs ‘Giant’ bag. Maybe it was a combination of all of these. But for some reason, I left Munich with a bad enough impression of it that I was questioning whether we should come here on this trip.

I was completely wrong.

So far Munich has been absolutely beautiful. It is small enough that you can really explore the city (unlike Paris, which you could live in for years and still not see everything). It is also close to the German alps and many beautiful castles. The people are very sweet, and the beer is amazing.

We took a day trip around the countryside to see the Neuschwanstein castle (which the castle in Sleeping Beauty was based on.) It was the one thing Lauren desperately wanted to see on this trip.

The countryside was gorgeous. There was snow everywhere. The castles were smaller than most of the ones I have been to, but you could really see the influence Neuschwanstein had on the animators of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. We couldn’t take photos in the castles, but here are some other ones:

The lion’s mane went full lion 😂 I think it sensed it was St. Patrick’s day, and it wanted to pay tribute.

We also learned that Lauren is not cold intolerant – she just doesn’t know what a heavy jacket actually is and has been wearing an LA ‘heavy jacket’ (its freaking cold, y’all. How she ever finds it warm I cannot tell you) this entire trip. We switched jackets for an hour – worst idea ever. As soon as we got back to the city, we bought her a real jacket.

P.S. Dad – (prepare for words you rarely ever hear) You were right, Munich doesn’t suck. But I may not survive St. Patricks day with all this amazing beer.

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