MIA – But With No Shortage of Stories

For those who follow this blog, it’s probably been very apparent that I disappeared for a few months. Which is actually completely normal for me when I’m not ‘traveling’ much. (I say this in parentheses because I do travel a lot still, but to places which I do not deem worthy enough to write about. Like North Carolina. Or Washington, DC. Or even NYC. Because I’m spoiled.)

Since I do use this blog to keep up with the many amazing people I’ve met over the extensive traveling I’ve done, here is a short update:

In August of this year, I finally set down roots in a city – for the first time since I was 18 years old. I officially have an apartment which I will not have to move out of in 8 months – another first. And I have finally put an end to living out of a suitcase, which – trust me – gets old after the second year. I also have finally gotten to unpack all of my treasures from the 35+ countries I have visited, and get to display them for anyone who visits. Plus the semi-optional rants about all the stories attached to them, should any visitor be stupid enough to ask.

For anyone that has moved though, it is an extremely stressful experience, hence the disappearing act (finding a place, then packing, then moving, and unpacking again. It’s all very awful. I’m extremely content with the idea of never doing it again.)

First of all – dear god mattresses are disturbingly heavy. And of course I’m a fool enough to put a protective cover over mine, which I stubbornly refused to remove until after the move. And once it was removed, we realized my bed actually had handles to move it easily. Needless to say, my father was not happy with me. Stubbornness will be the death of us both.

Second of all – Murphy’s law always applies. And you will definitely meet a handful of your neighbors at the precise moment that you are sweating profusely and yelling at your father about how he has broken the adjustable mattress frame that was your first purchase of adult life and has now been broken before you even started making payments on it. (Only to discover it isn’t actually broken and you look like a brat to everyone 😅 It was a really stressful day, y’all.)

Third of all – when you’ve lived in 15+ apartments in 6 years, you accumulate a lot of things you didn’t realize. But somehow life works out that you have almost everything you need without ever having to buy anything. And really this is just a vindication for my extreme hoarding all throughout university. So I can finally say – “Yes, Dad! I DID need to fly back that baking pan and all my kitchen utensils from Canada, only to store them for over a year, because it WILL come in handy!” Now if only I had tried to hang on to my favorite cooking pots too….

And finally – its much more difficult than I realized to break the habit of living out of boxes. Two months in and my clothes are mostly still in suitcases/boxes while my closet and dresser are virtually empty because I forgot how normal people live… But I’ll get there again someday, right?

P.S. For those wondering, no I am not in law school. Yes I am still planning on going to law school. First I need some money to pay for said law school.

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