The Unintentional Travel Day

Today ended up being my unintentional travel day… The original plan: wake up in the morning, check out of the hostel, take a taxi to the train station, store my luggage at the train station, then walk around till my train at 1:30pm (I had already realized my idea of going around Frankfurt on the way to Nuremberg was a terrible idea seeing as the train ride was 7hrs long). What I actually did: wake up, eat breakfast, look at Youtube videos, check out of the hostel, watch more Youtube videos (I miss hearing English), go to order a taxi, end up catching a ride with 3 other people from the hostel – aka score, ’cause it went from a 12euro ride to a 3euro ride! – fail to find the luggage storage area at the train station, so chill in the waiting lounge until my train. A ‘failed day’ possibly, if you were just looking at how lazy I ended up being, but really it was a toottallyyy awesome day because I met a ton of amazing people!
First – the three people from the taxi. Two Britons and an Australian. We chatted for a good hour before each of our trains – one of the Britons really wants to go see NYC so I was telling him all about my favorite North American city and he told me all about what I should see in London when I’m there in about a month. Then when they left, the Aussie and I talked for a while longer about Animal Conservation – he is a zoology and conservation major, which, as few people know, was my original plan for university many, many years ago. 
Next – getting on the train, there was another girl who was struggling just as hard with her luggage. We bonded over our giant suitcases (I’m stil envying the fact that hers had wheel), and it turned out we were both on the same connecting train – she was going to Frankfurt Airport, whereas I am going to Nuremberg. We ended up chatting the entire ride until she got off at the airport.

While we were chatting on the platform waiting for our connecting train, we happened upon another totally awesome person. This extremely nice German lady started talking to us, originally to inform us that the train was delayed after I complained that my bags were super heavy (holy crap Germans are extremely helpful people!!) We ended up talking with her, and she helped us onto the train when it finally did arrive – side note: they lie when they say German trains are never late. But German trains are still better than other countries. 

We pretty much followed her to where we could sit, and she explained how the seats were assigned and what I would have to do when they both left at the train station. Super helpful and super nice! She is even sending me some information about when to visit germany again (the Rhine Valley is so gorgeous, I have to visit here again). 
And the final one (so far) was an incredibly kind German man who helped me once they had left. I was struggling to put my luggage away and find a seat that wasnt assigned, so he offered to help put my bag on the top rack. In true Lena-fashion, I said thank you but it is super heavy, to which he responded with – okay, but do you want help? In the end he ended up not only putting my bag up on the rack, but also taking it down so it was easier for me to get latter. Like damn yall, Germans are nice people!!! He had a spare seat next to him, so we talked the rest of the ride until his stop, and he told me all about Frankfurt and his city and all the cool places he has been.
So overall – Germany is amazing. They speak better English than I do. They are super helpful. And I definitely need to visit here again. 
PS Dad – I am still alive, and you get to deal with my bag when you get here in 3 days. 😬😘

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