A Day to be a Nerd

SO! What did Lena do today? Maybe you can tell from the title – I was a nerd.

‘Lena, you are a Biology and a Politics nerd, what did you do today?’ – I went to the Museum dedicated to the Nuremberg Trials of the WWII criminals. Also known as the very first war crime tribunal. Two hours into sitting, listening to the audio guide, I realized I was still only barely halfway through the musuem…hehe. And, of course, I could talk your ear off about all the awesome stuff I saw, but I feel like I’m probably one of the only people super obsessed with war tribunals and the roots of the International Criminal Court. 

I finally had to be like – okay, lets get through all of the stuff I can only find at this one museum, then move on to the next thing I planned on doing today! And I ended up buying the book with all the information on the exhibits at the museum. If any of my fellow nerds wanna see this book, let me know! I love to spread the nerdiness!

My less nerdy activity of the day – visiting the 13th century castle in Nuremberg. But really thats probably pretty nerdy too… And I ended up getting a book of information about the castle too.

Even though it was raining and awful outside, I got some amazing photos. I can’t even imagine how far you could see if it wasn’t raining.

Here are some photos from today:

PS Dad – still alive! See you in two days!

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