Freaking Snowing

So, today’s blog post was going to be one at the suggestion of my new(ish? Are we still new friends if we met three countries ago?) friend, Jess, about my ‘friendship’ with my backpack. Only then I got to Munich. And a cabby (freaking cabbies) told me ‘Oh! Your hotel is super close! Only about 100m away! You should just walk.’ and for the first time in my life – I should have listened to google maps instead. Because it was not a 100m walk. It was a 1000m (1km) walk. The cabby missed a zero. AND IT WAS FREAKING SNOWING. Only lightly when the stupid cabby told me to walk. But by 5min in, it was DOWNPOURING

On top of that, today – of all days – I decided ‘I’m traveling all day, I will wear my glasses.’ Do you know what glasses do when it snows? They get foggy and blurry. And eventually you can’t see. So you tuck your head under your jacket/scarf/anything, trying not to get them wet, which of course means you get even more lost. Fifteen minutes later I was FUMING (and still am, if you couldnt tell from all the capitalized words). And freezing. And FUMING. And my giant evil backpack definitely wasn’t helping.

Oh! Even better! I didn’t realize it would be raining/snowing/I would have to walk a km in the snow. So I did not pull out my rain cover for my bags. And now all my nice clean clothes are wet. Have you ever seen a red head when we get mad? The best mental image I can give you is the last scene in the movie ‘The Incredibles’ where Syndrome tries to steal little baby Jack Jack, only to have Jack Jack turn into a flame ball – and when that doesn’t work, a little red devil – and pound the sh*t out of Syndrome. Yeah. I looked like that. And had the cabby been there, he would have been my Syndrome. Only I would have pounded him with my words instead of my fists, because ya know, I would prefer not to be arrested for assault. (If you have never seen this scene, I feel immensely sorry for you, so here it is:

And after finally getting to the hotel, guess what?? The elevator isn’t working! And I’m on the 5th floor…. Yeah, I was using every bit of will power not to turn into little devil Jack Jack.

So yeah, Dad, I’m still alive. I’m freaking freezing, still fuming mad (I wish my hair actually was flames, that at least would warm me up), and I freakin’ refuse to go back outside today. But I’m alive.

Oh. And I’ll tell you about my backpack tomorrow. When I’m not so angry.

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