When you think, ‘Lets travel Europe from Oct to Dec!’, the main reaction is – oh, that will be so pretty and fun! And maybe there will even be snow; I can get so many cool photos if there is snow. The thought you dont think about – holyshit, its going to be freaking freezing! Well. Now I am thinking that. And freezing my BUTT off in Bratislava….
Its about 35F/2C outside. And it is raining. When I was in Munich a few days ago (about a week and a half ago maybe? My days are mixing together), it was snowing.There is still snow left on the ground in Bratislava from what I assume was the snow that came down here that day. Prague was a bit warmer, Vienna at least had sun, but Bratislava? Its the definition of the weather I hate. Rain, grey, and bone-chilling cooollldddddddddddddd! 😭😭😭 

So my advice to everyone out there – do what I never remember to do, look up the weather report before you travel; at the very least, you will be able to prepare mentally for any weather that you dislike.
PS – I dont post every day now because I am often busy with human interaction between my parents and myself. Plus dad already knows I’m alive, so I have no one nagging me to post. NO – THIS IS NOT A REASON FOR MY FRIENDS TO NAG ME NOW ❤️ If ya’ll want more stories, I can tell them when I’m back home 😬

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