There is an Argument to Be Made for ‘Come With Nothing’ Traveling

If you saw my last post, you know that I was freezing in the last city my family and I traveled to (Bratislava). It was cold, rainy, and equally as grey as Vancouver likes to be – also known as the weather that caused me to leave Vancouver. Needless to say, I was not the happiest person in Bratislava (plus the city is pretty run down; we could have been looking in the wrong places, but my parents and I couldn’t find much to do unfortunately).


In my abundant downtime, I gave in to the realization that if I am not going to freeze to death this trip, I need to upgrade my warm clothes wardrobe. Now, this is something I am very weary of. I am always afraid to buy things in a foreign country mainly because the cheapest brands are normally the brands that I do not know and therefore cannot say if they are good or not (aka will they rip during my trip, because I do not want to have to go shopping more than once for clothes when I’d rather be sightseeing). But since Bratislava was uninspiring, and we had 2.5 days for what we did in 1 day, I figured why not drag my parents to the department store.


I should explain something – there is a type of travel called ‘Come With Nothing’ where the travelers take only what they can carry in their day packs and buy the rest of what they need in the places they are traveling. I am not the type of person to find this type of travel fun – if I am traveling somewhere, the last place I want to visit in the shopping mall.  But I do have many acquaintances who have done this – including one couple I met on this trip who saved so much on their plane tickets that they bought all the clothes they would need in Europe, once they landed, rather than pay for checked bags. BUT! Now that I have tried buying clothes in the countries I need them – I can really see the appeal! For less than 100euro, I bought two new pairs of gloves, a new scarf, a new hat, a super fluffy jacket, a new belt, and a new sweater to layer under the jacket. 100 euro!!! That is about 100USD, or 130CAD. And the cost for all of that in the Americas? Much more than 100USD/130CAD.


My new clothes still need to pass the test of time – will they last the next month? Will I need to buy more clothes so I don’t freeze to death in Norway in December? Or will they be enough? But for now, my first attempt at buying a whole new warm-wardrobe seems like a success!


Now to see if I freeze to death in Budapest tomorrow….


P.S. For anyone who wants to try ‘Come With Nothing’ traveling, comment below and I’ll explain more about how it works!

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