Budapest is BEA-U-TI-FUL

Budapest. Definitely one of my favorites. I convinced my parents to go on a BigBus tour around the city, complete with an audio guide detailing hundreds of interesting facts about the historical buildings around the city.
My favorite? The city was the location of one of the bloodiest sieges in World War II, culminating in the destruction of the majority of the city (and the death of 25,000 civilians). This included the Nazis blowing up each and every bridge that separates the Buda side of the city from the Pest (the two are separated by the Danube river). But still, somehow, after the war the city has been able to rebuild to an absolutely astounding level. And each of the bridges in the city (I think it is 7 of them? But at least 5 that are GORGEOUS) were rebuilt almost immediately after the war – with the exception of one, the Elizabeth Bridge, which took until the 1960s to be rebuilt.
Needless to say, I really like this city. I also got the chance to take a river tour and got some amazing views of Parliament. This is by far the most elaborate Parliament building I have seen so far, and there is an equally as beautiful castle across the river from the Parliament. Even Vienna, the home place of the Hapsburg royal family (one of the largest royal families in Europe), did not have a Parliament or castle nearly as elaborate as Budapest has. I am not 100% sure about the history behind the two buildings, but I am completely interested in finding out more about the motivation behind building them!
Budapest – a definite must see!

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