Three Headquarters Down, One to Go

When I first decided to come backpack Europe, one of my immediate thoughts was ‘I have to go to Geneva so I can go to the United Nations!’ As of today, my goal of seeing the UN in Geneva has officially been met!! And it was brilliant!!!! 

I found the Russian permanent mission!

Human Rights Council room

As Ashleigh can attest, I had a full-out nerd freak out, especially when they let us keep our visitor’s badge!!! My new goal (or conclusion for what I have to do with my life – I am pretty determined now) is to work at the Geneva HQ at some point! Which should work out fine, since the Geneva HQ deals with disarmament and human rights, and I want to work with Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction. They are related enough, I think. But enough of my nerding out again – back to my original point.
Little did I know, another of the places on my list – Vienna – also had a headuqarters for the UN. Turns out, there are four main centers for the UN. In order of size: NYC, Geneva, Vienna, and Nairobi. Which means I have now visited 3 of the 4, and nerded out at each of them. Second new goal of the day – visit Nairobi to finish the set!!!

PS Dad – I am still alive, but now I can die a happy MUN nerd. 😁

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