I Got Lost….Again

After nerding out yestetday at the Geneva headquarters of the UN, I decided to nerd out at CERN (Large Hadron Collider) today. The only issue – I got on the train going the wrong direction and ended up on the other side of Geneva…

Unfortunately this is not the first time I have done this. Or the second. Really not even the fifth/ It is actually a fairly regular occurance for me, even when I was living in Vancouver. But every time I get lost, I end up finding something cool along the way – this time I found a cool park with lifesize chess courts and a skating rink. I thought ‘I always end up getting lost anyway; maybe I should just plan to get lost, and then go with it?’ So I did.
I was right next to the tram I needed to CERN, so I jumped back on (this time in the right direction). But once I was done being a total science nerd at CERN, I walked outside and caught the first tram back towards town that came. 
Well. That kind of backfired. Because there was only one tram from CERN back into the city. BUT, by randomly riding that tram, I ended up at this beautiful view:

See those mountains in the background? Yeah, thats the Matterhorn on the left, and Mont Blanc on the right. And the middle is the Jet d’Eau. On their own, each is equally as beautiful. But together? They are beautiful!!! (And it is especially awesome since I won’t be able to see either of the mountains while I’m here…)
At one point the fountain was even creating a rainbow effect as it feel down. Like DAH-AM. I could totally get used to seeing that view every day. And the beautiful view meant I ended up taking about 500 photos of the fountain alone – plus nerdy photos of the two CERN museums (Microcasm and Universe of Particles). I am pretty sure I’ll have 20,000 photos from this trip alone by the time I get home. But it is worth it, right?
PS Dad – I am alive. And I have further proof of how similar to you I am:

P.PS. – Update on the Mane. I let it free today because half of it fell out of the braid on the way to CERN. By the end of the day, here is what it looked like:

Mini-afro time.

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