Motion Sickness Strikes Again

So it turns out, I have a third antagonist on this trip. Only its more than just an antagonist, its more like an arch nemesis. What is this evil thing that is making parts of my trip hell? Motion sickness 😑 F$&!ing motion sickness…. 

Every time I sit on a train not facing the direction the train is going – motion sickness strikes. Every time I eat too much (and by too much I mean eat anything more than an apple) before a train – motion sickness strikes. Every time I try to do anything but look out the window – motion sickness strikes. I even think about taking a bus (which can be sometimes 100euro cheaper than the train) – nope; motion sickness will kill me.

Can I read on a train? Nope. Can I look at photos? Nope. Can I write in my travel journal? Only if I want to throw up. I literally have spent every train ride this trip either testing fate by trying to write a blog post/write in my journal, or looking out the window for hours on end. If I am lucky, I’ll be fine. Was I lucky today? No. No I was not.

Why? Because I got on my train to Paris, much too full from breakfast (I had two pieces of toast and a bowl of cereal; life is cruel when that is considered ‘too full’), and my assigned seat is facing the opposite direction of how the 3.5hr train is going 😐 Translation: I either fall asleep for the entire ride (not favorable, I wanted to see the countryside from the train) or I buckle up for a 3.5hr ride from hell….

I ended up falling asleep for half the ride, then looking out the window the rest. Now I am finally at the hostel, but my stomach is still doing summersaults and I feel awful 😫 This happened on our way to Geneva too – only then I ended up laying in bed the rest of the day and only felt better the next morning… I only have three days in Paris; I really don’t want to spend them curled in a ball….

So summary of my life for today = I feel awful and motion sickness is my arch nemesis. 

PS Dad – I am alive, and I curse you and mom for whatever genetics you gave me that make me so prone to motion sickness.

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