“Would You Like Wine with That?”

One of the widespread stereotypes about French people is they are very particular about their food. Every dish has a wine that pairs with it; extreme care is put into the preparations at nice restuarants to ensure the food is truly delicious. And it works – France is one of the leading countries for culinary arts. Whats awkward, though, is when you go to a French cafe at 11:30am, order a salad with goat cheese, and end up having 3 different waiters come by asking if you want red wine with it. At 11:30am.

I’ll admit – had it been maybe 3pm, I would have taken them up on the offer. But I made the mistake of drinking alcohol midday in Brussels and learned there are not enough free bathrooms in Europe to risk it again. But then – while I am writing this – a fellow customer came over and asked why I was eating goat cheese without drinking red wine too! 😂 

Ya’ll. Let me just stress something. I am not even in France yet – I am still in Geneva! (Side historical note – Geneva was part of France until after the Napoleonic Wars when it because part of Switzerland. So they maintain a significant amount of their French culture, and still speak French – as opposed to the German spoken in other parts of Switzerland.) If this is the response I get by not day-drinking with meals in Switzerland, Paris is going to be very interesting! 😂

Thankfully no one questioned my drink choice while I was eating dessert, but then again I was too engulfed in eating my delicious profiteroles to have noticed had someone tried to talk to me.

(Again, as I was writing, a fellow customer and I started talking about which is better – Swiss or Belgian chocolate 😂 Apparently Swiss has more sugar in it; no wonder I like it more. Plus it doesn’t have hazelnut in it!)
PS Dad – I am still alive. And full. And using your credit card for lunch 😁

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