The Adventure Has Come to An End

As of 11:20pm on December 21st, my 2month/63 day/18 country adventure has finally come to an end…. It took 3 flights and around 22 hours to finally get home – including 3 different border crossings, one too many beers at the Dublin Airport, and an 8 hour flight with a crying baby two aisles over. And ultimately I can say the trip was a success! Minus a few poorly planned moments.

To say I am tired is an understatement. Those that follow my blog might have realized this – I pretty much gave up on blogging after I reached London. Every night I would get back to the hostel, talk to the people in my room, attempt to plan what I would write for my blog post, then end up falling asleep before I even opened the WordPress app on my phone. Even in Norway, my brain was so dead I couldn’t even think of what I would write about (to be honest, my brain is still in that mode! Jet lag has destroyed my ability to sleep past 9am or stay up past 8pm.)

Normally when I come home from a long time away, I’ll start to unpack and give my parents their gifts. This time? Straight upstairs to take a shower (22 hours in airports makes you feel super grimy) and fall straight asleep. But now that I am home, and my brain is starting to remotely work again, I’m going to try to catch up on some missed posts with the cool stories from those days!

Also, since it is Christmas Eve and the beginning of Hanukkah, happy holidays everyone!

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