The First Day

The program began today. We woke up at 6:30am, dressed in our finest business attire, and set out for the Peace Palace (where the program is held) – only to discover we were hopelessly late. Apparently everyone else is more of keeners than we are… Most people left for the Palace at 7am to beat (or rather form) the gigantic line to obtain our security badges.
Now, because of jet lag, I will add we did leave ‘late’ (8:30ish), but none of us realized we would be one of the last 30 people to arrive – especially since the program doesn’t start until 11am!
Lesson learned – the majority of the people attending the program are bigger keeners than us! (Or maybe they just like mornings more…)
Best part of the day: Our afternoon lecture on treaties and their rise and decline in importance in the international sphere ❤️ Y’all know I was nerding out HARD during that lecture! And also the evening drinks with the attendees was pretty fun, minus the super crowded bar…
P.S. I haven’t died yet, Dad.

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