Day Two

Well… It happened again… Classes start at 9:20am, so we thought ‘it takes 20minutes to get there; if we leave at 8:30am, that will give us plenty of time.’ Nope. Our false sense of security meant we didn’t leave until 8:45am, barely missing our tram and causing us to wait 10minutes for the next one.
9:15am: the tram arrives at the Peace Palace. In the mad dash to the palace security gate, we lost two of our flatmates in the crowd. But thankfully myself and another flatmate, Caitlin (from Ottawa), got to the academy with 3 minutes to spare. Romina (also from Ottawa) and Tringa (from London) were not so lucky… Tringa was able to get into the main lecture hall and grab a seat behind Caitlin and I before the lecture began; however, Romina arrived one minute later, and was banished to the overflow room upstairs until the 2nd lecture began an hour later…

Lesson learned: Leave at EXACTLY 8:30am, otherwise we will be doomed to sit in the seats without a desk, and be forced to write our lecture notes on notebooks in our lap…
Favorite part of the day: The lecture on the ICJ by one of the ICJ judges; and the giant party held tonight on our communal balcony, though I will be surprised if anyone is able to wake up in the morning!

P.S. Dad – I’m still alive. Super tired, but alive.

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