Day 3

This morning was a struggle. On top of toast in the oven nearly catching on fire and a sensitive fire alarm going off when a flatmate was cooking eggs, everyone was dead tired from staying up so late last night. Our kitchen looked like a food tornado had blown in from the night before, taking 20 of our precious morning minutes to clean up. Even worst, one of our flatmates (Romina) got a fever from the long flight over and extreme lack of sleep (MUN plague strikes again! Only this time minus the Model UN conference…)

Not a single one of us were ready when the alarm went off to leave the apartment. And looking outside we saw the dreary reality we would face today: a Vancouver-style state of grey has descended upon the city of the Hague, dropping inch upon inch of freezing water down from the sky. Our shoes have been reduced to soggy scraps of fabric ensuring our feet remain perpetually drenched. It is no wonder Romina is sick; the weather is absolutely morbid.

Nevertheless, we traipsed out to the tram stop – thankfully arriving at the Palace with 15 minutes to spare before lecture, which allowed us (or at least me!) to down two cups of the delicious brown caffeinated liquid which fuels my life. The number one thing I am grateful for today: packing a lunch so I can stay in the academy all day and the soggy scraps of fabric on my feet have a chance to dry!

Favorite part(s) of the day: Going to the library for the first time (its beautiful!); sitting in on a seminar discussing treaties and their practice; and attending a reception at town hall with the full academy!

P.S. Dad – I’m still alive, and I went to bed early(ish) for once.

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