Day 6

Today was pretty jam packed. From the first lecture in the morning (on Reparations in Jurisprudence in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights) to the second lecture being taught by the Academy’s Secretary General (on Economic Sanctions Outside of the United Nations) to the afternoon lecture on the International Criminal Court by a Judge of the ICC to arriving home to find my flat’s kitchen full of random people cooking a tradition Indian dinner for over 20 people. It was just…a LOT.
On top of all of this, I also spent about 3 hours in the Library today researching Biological Weapons – turns out, there are a TON of free library resources on the Biological Weapons Convention and possible ways to reform how the internaitonal community addresses Biological Weapons. So basically heaven for me. I ended up downloading about 40 different articles on multiple different topics, all of which will be read as soon as possible because I am super interested in them. Between classes, reading and socializing, there really is no time for sleep.
My flatmates and I (minus Suran, who was going to the Indian party) all decided to have a semi-chill night and went to the upstairs lounge in our flat to work/read/be productive. But that only lasted about an hour before we all ended up gettin dragged to join the other students in the never-ending communal balcony party. And while we said we would go to bed at midnight, it more like 1am before we even got to our flat again… Oh well, sleep is for the weak anyway, right?
P.S. Dad – Still alive. Still not coming home. The library has enchanted me. It is my life now.

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