Day 7

Today was a long day. We had lectures in the morning – System of Reparations in the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights; then Economic Sanctions Outside of the UN; then Norms in a Kaleidoscopic World. After a short lunch break, it was back to lecture, listening to ‘Diplomacy, more Necessary than Ever’ by a former Dutch Diplomat. And after, court clerks for the ICJ Judges gave a two hour interactive seminar on a hypothetical case before the ICJ (regarding a dispute over one state’s inability to stop smuggling of tobacco into another state – so pretty interesting hypothetical).
My intention had been to attend both of these lectures – they both originally seemed incredibly interesting to me. But after a week at the Academy, I have learned one thing – I’m really not interested in the work of the ICJ….  Its super important, and most people find the cases super interesting, but to be honest, if I am going to work for the UN – I’m going to work as a diplomat or as a member of staff within the secretariat. Working on disputes about how to interpret treaties? I’d definitely rather write the treaties. So, after listening to 50 minutes of the former Diplomat explaining how currently the international diplomatic stage is disturbingly horrible and ominous (with about 10minutes of suggestions of how to avoid a WWIII afterwards), I decided it was time for a desperately needed nap (y’all, I dont think I’ve gotten more than 5hrs sleep a night since this program started. I’m EXHAUSTED 😩)
After a brilliant nap, my flatmates and I decided to go on a night-time walk along the beach – and promptly fell so in love with night walks along the beach that we have pledged to do one every night (though, lets be honest, we are all so tired, I’m not optimistic that this pledge will be fulfilled. But we’ll try!) To end our night, we stopped by the communal balcony party, as always, and were immediately reminded why we never get enough sleep. (And we ended up staying up so late that the nap only made up for the sleep I missed tonight alone… Oh well, sleep is for the dead, right? I feel like I have written this before recently…)
P.S. Dad – I’m surprised I have enough energy left to wake up in the morning, but I’m still alive.

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