Day 10

The day has come – the day of the beach party has reached us. And thankfully, the Hague has had wonderful weather for our adventures tonight. As usual, we woke up, got ready, went to class, and sat in class until 12:30. Unlike the rest of the days this week, I had no plans for the evening, so instead it was off to the library for an hour or two before heading back to Skotel for a quick nap. Which was a good idea – we stayed up until 2:30am.
The beach party was at ‘Whoosah Beach Club’ – which according to google maps was a lot closer to Skotel than it actually ended up being. Though, in google map’s defense, traveling to a party venue always takes more time with a group of 15+ people. Especially when we are walking, and many have already had a drink or two at the perpetual communal balcony party (this time, ‘communal balcony pre-drinking party’ – apparently no one outside of Vancouver says ‘pre-gaming’ for predrinking? The random things you learn…) Because it was a beach party, my flatmates and I decided to wear our swimsuits. Only, turns out, no one else followed our example…but its okay, I ended up swimming when we left at like 2am haha. (Not a smart idea y’all – do not recommend, I was freezing the rest of the night).
Overall – the party was pretty awesome. The music was terrible, but who cares about the music when you have amazing new friends (are we still new friends when we have lived for two weeks together?)  to hang out with!
P.S. Dad – I’m still alive. Cold, wet, and wishing the beaches here were warm like NC’s, but still alive.

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