A Single Day to Explore

So far, every weekend I end up staying in the Hague and going to the Peace Palace to read all the books. (I’ve still pulled out a different book every 2 days; SO MANY BOOKS! SO LITTLE TIME!) But today I decided to go visit Delft. So I got up, got dressed, ate, and headed out on the tram. Thankfully our tram pass for the public transit during the course covers the tram to Delft, and 45 minutes later I finally reached the city.
Its pretty gorgeous; a ton of old buildings, a ton of cute little shops. I ate lunch [a croissant that tasted like strawberry shortcake😍] at a random bakery (my ‘I’m not eating processed sugar anymore’ pledge from June only lasted all of one day in Europe….), and found a cute little market outside of one of the churches. And ended up buying cheese for my parents, despite promising myself not to bring back food this trip…. Really, Europe is hell for food-promises to yourself.
Right when I was going to walk around and explore the city, after buying all the required souvineers/presents, a huge storm rolled in. I ended up getting stranded in a random cafe (which turned out to be a huge restaurant, but I never realized this so I sat at a random table to wait the storm out, and only realized after that there were a ton of empty tables in the back….I definitely looked like a fool to the waitstaff, but the family at the table gave me permission so it is okay! Ish…)
The storm led me to give up on seeing more of Delft – I’ll be back to the Netherlands some day, I’ll explore more then. So I jumped back on the tram and headed back to the Hague – which was good, because the storm ended up shutting down a lot of trains around the Netherlands. The Hague had already been hit by the storm, so it was nice and sunny, and I ended up walking along the beach for a few hours. I always forget how much I love the ocean…now I totally want to spend part of my next year living at the NC beach since it is actually warm enough to swim there (the Hague’s beach is more like Vancouver – beautiful, but you do not go in without a wetsuit.)

Overall another good day in the Hague!

P.S. Dad – semidrenched, but still alive.


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