Day 11

Today was an extremely jam-packed day. As always, we had morning lectures from 9:20am to 12:30am. As it is the start of a new week, we had two new lecturers begin (our last lecture of the 3 hours is always completed by Edith Brown Weiss on her theory of ‘Norms in the Kaleidoscopic World’). As it turns out, our first lecture today is on the UN Compensation Commission – so basically 50min of me nerding out about the United Nations.
And today was a special treat in Brown Weiss’s lecture too! Most law/international relations scholars skip over scientific implications for international law – but not Brown Weiss. To be honest, in the first week when she mentioned highly contentious scientific topics and glancingly passed over the deep debates underneath them, I would have preferred she not mention them at all. But today was my day – today she actually discussed the indepth complications of new genetic engineering technology. And cybersecurity. And electronic currencies. I was pratically glue to every word out of her month.
Overall – absolutely amazing set of morning lectures, perfectly tailored to my person interests (sadly also putting some of my fellow students to sleep….but thats a big reason why those in the humanities skip over science normally). You would think a perfect morning would be enough, but nope! At the Hague Academy, there is always something more interesting to do later on. So here is an overveiw of my afternoon:

  • Last minute meeting with the current US judge on the International Court of Justice: loved it! Wonderful lecture on the work of the ICJ, how judges are appointed, and how the judges work together.
  • I was suppose to go visit the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, but the meeting with the Judge ran long, so instead I jumped into the group touring the Organization for the Prohibition for Chemical Weapons (OPCW) – basically amounting to research into how the OPCW works and formulating how (in my brain – for if I ever actually do a PhD on this) to suggest a similar  structure for implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention.
  • Perfect timing! The tour ended right when myself, Tringa, and a fellow American (Wayne from Florida) needed to leave for the USA embassy visit. Now, anyone who follows US politics will probably know that currently the majority of the Ambassador positions are currently empty…(thanks Trump) But no worries – because we got an even more interesting speaker instead. One of the handful of US Legal Affairs lawyers stationed abroad is stationed in the Hague and she came to speak with us about what it is like to be a lawyer working in what is essentially a diplomat’s job. Plus they had really amazing food – I ate probably 10 mini-BBQ sandwiches… (and therefore didn’t have to cook dinner, which is perfect, because I hate to cook or even eat my own cooking.)
  • Afterwards, back to our communal home (Skotel), only to turn around and go on a walk along the beach with a friend, Gaurav from India. Where we find a totally awesome, vividly blue jellyfish stranded by the low tide. And I proceed to tell Gaurav everything I know about my second favorite invertebrate (the first being Octopus). And he proceeds to tell me I really am a total nerd (there is a reason I call myself one all the time!)

Yeah, so pretty awesome day overall! For photos of all these cool things – most are posted on my instagram account!

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