Sorry For the Lack of Updates..

After the pure lunacy of last night’s flight to Barcelona, Lauren and I decided to get a nice hotel for the night. (Though I wouldn’t really qualify it as ‘for the night’ since we didn’t arrive until 1am.) But both of us were so done with life, and neither of us had pajamas (or anything else. Both of us were cocky and didn’t pack essentials in our carry-ons. We literally have nothing. Not even Lauren’s vape [electronic cigarette, for those who don’t know]) so a hotel sounded like the perfect plan.


Fast forward to the afternoon – we have walked from the hotel to the hostel where everyone is staying, but it was too early so we couldn’t check in. We left our bags, met up with more friends (shout out to Rebekah and her sister, Hannah!), discovered Hannah and Lauren are essentially the same person, and ate some really amazing Tapas. (Y’all, can I just live on Iberian Ham? Because it is AMAZING.) We also run by some stores to get Lauren another vape, and both of us a change of clothes, as well as some makeup so we both look human-ish. Eventually I also give in and buy a sim card so I can keep in contact with everyone (so far I’ve been using Lauren as a wifi hotspot randomly, which is not the best when you are constantly meeting up with different friends around Europe…)


All this time, though, we had never actually updated our friends on what had happened…😅 We had messaged our families, we had met up with other friends, but we had never told the group of people we are in Barcelona that we actually did arrive safe the night before…. So after I put in the sim card, I get a flood of messages from my very loving and worried friends because we had not yet checked into the hostel 😅😅😅 My favorite was from Sebastian: “Leave no stone unturned in finding the GINGER; look for the GINGER HEAD; well, GINGER is easy to be spotted among the crowd” or even better (because there was a giant national strike today for International Women’s Day) “Lena is a great activist, maybe she decided to join the strike rather than checking in.”

Whoops!! Sorry y’all!!


So: Yes we are alive; yes we are staying at the hostel; no we don’t have bags; yes, I now have data so you can contact me whenever you wish!



PS Dad – you are lucky I called mom during the flight fiasco, otherwise you might have thought I died too.

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